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3D Training Institute (3DTi), the Industry?s Leading Provider of Short-term, Live-online Programs, Has Just Become an Autodesk Academic Partner (APP)

3D Training Institute (3DTi), the Industry?s Leading Provider of Short-term, Live-online Programs, Has Just Become an Autodesk Academic Partner (APP)

3D Training Institute (3DTi), the Industry’s Leading Provider of Short-term, Live-online Programs, Has Just Become an Autodesk Academic Partner (APP)

New York, NY (PRWEB) November 01, 2014

3D Training Institute (3DTi) the industry’s leading provider of short-term, live-online programs, has just become an Autodesk Academic Partner (APP). Through this partnership, Autodesk will provide 3D software for schools and colleges, and 3DTi will support this program by offering its unique simulated on-the-job training in 3ds Max, Maya, Revit, and Inventor to help teachers learn the software and teach their students to prepare them for real world jobs.

“Our customers have unfilled, high-paying positions due to the lack of qualified U.S. high school and university graduates,” said Carl Bass, Autodesk President and Chief Executive Officer, according to a recent press release from Autodesk.

One of 3DTi’s recent success stories about 19 year old, Christian Carbajal, who took the 3DTi four month program and landed a job at a large industrial design firm, Edese Doret, has inspired a large number of teachers and students to join the 3DTi programs.

Charles Mandracchia, a public school teacher from New York City, has recently joined 3D Training Institute’s program after hearing Christian’s success story and is now learning Maya live-online with 3DTi. He says he is taking the classes so that he can create 3D programs to teach the kids in middle school. “I teach in a school where a lot of the kids have trouble getting through high school. But they are incredible artists and designers and have tremendous drive to succeed. If I can teach them 3D and show them that there are jobs for them, then I can give them hope.”

Josefina Diaz, a teacher in a remote part of California, on the Arizona border, is currently in 3DTi’s program studying 3dsMaya, so she can teach kids at the high school where she works. “Some of the kids may not have the opportunity to go to a 4 year college but have artistic and creative traits. Exposure to these programs creates a desire to work in the 3D field which is being utilized in the work force of America today and in the future of this technological era. If I can introduce them to 3D software they have a chance at getting into a career that will be rewarding and fun.”

Josefina is also excited about sending her students to 3D Training Institute after they graduate from high school. Because 3DTi’s programs are all taught live online, her students will not have the expense of traveling or relocating. “The 3DTi programs are affordable and in only 4 months the students will have a diploma, a reel and/or portfolio, a certificate from Autodesk, a letter of recommendation and a real chance at getting a job in the 3D field."

Crystal Eastman is a 3D Training Institute graduate and instructor, who created a program to teach 3D in California schools. “We are offering a 3D animation program which gives students at Title 1 schools new career options. Title 1 schools are schools where the majority of students are at poverty level. They are given a chance to learn in an environment they typically would never have access to. These kids will have a tremendous leg up when they enter the workforce. By introducing kids to the software we can teach them that 3D is a viable career choice for them.”

As an Academic Partner, 3D Training Institute plans to help school districts set up programs to teach the teachers how to instruct the students. Gary Platt, 3DTi Advisory Board Member says, “We are excited to become an Autodesk Academic Partner. We get a lot of inquiries from teachers telling us they need to learn so they can teach a 3D class. Most of them don’t even know that they can get free software for their students. We will be working with Autodesk to spread the word to students, teachers, and school districts that Autodesk is giving away software for learning purposes. We want students to know that there are fun, creative 3D jobs in all industries from movies, video games, medical and legal visualizations, architecture, manufacturing, defense simulations, and advertising, to 3D printing and even entrepreneurial opportunities which the students who are part of Generation Z will find very rewarding and fulfilling.”

To learn more about the 3D field, career opportunities, how to get free Autodesk software, and more information about the unique 3DTi program, click here to sign up for one of 3DTi’s one-hour free introductory classes, which are conducted by instructors live-online.

About 3D Training Institute

3D Training Institute (3DTi) is the leading provider of short-term, simulated on-the-job training programs in Autodesk Software. Popular trade magazines have recognized 3DTi as “One of the top schools, where students can put their careers on the fast track.” 3DTi was one of the first companies to offer simulated on-the-job training in a live online production environment. 3DTi is an authorized Autodesk Training Center (ATC) and is licensed by the New York State Education Department (BPSS). For more information, visit

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