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David Lynch for Kids? meikme's New App, The Journey of Alvin.

David Lynch for Kids? meikme's New App, The Journey of Alvin.

David Lynch for Kids? meikme's New App, The Journey of Alvin.

David Lynch for kids?

(PRWEB) November 04, 2014

The Journey of Alvin is a new interactive storybook app that takes children along for an exciting ride as Alvin Straight drives his tractor hundreds of miles to visit his ill brother.

Alvin’s legs and eyes were too impaired for him to receive a driver’s license, so he rode a 30-year-old lawn tractor with a maximum speed of 5 miles/hour to travel for hundreds of miles. It took Alvin six weeks to travel from his home to his brother’s. This inspiring story was also the subject of a 1999 David Lynch film, “The Straight Story.”

This storybook aims to relive that long journey in a kid-friendly way. For example, the app illustrates Alvin as a friendly old man with a white beard and a red cowboy hat. It also shows how his lawn mower is really slow â€" even slower than a turtle. Throughout the long journey, children will share in Alvin’s experience - how his slow lawn mower let him listen to the birds singing or how he enjoyed the colors of the sunset. Alvin didn’t really care that he was moving really slow, instead he took full advantage of it.

The Journey of Alvin is available in both English and Spanish. Parents can change the language setting alongside with other options, such as autoplay and text, in the parents menu. Alvin’s story is a great way to teach kids that process matters as much as the end-product.

Alvin Straight is a great character who will inspire kids to respect their elders. With proper guidance and encouragement, parents can use this story to help their kids appreciate life moments.

The Journey of Alvin costs $ 2.99 and it is available for iPhone and iPad from the Apple’s App Store, for Android from the Google Play Store and also from the Amazon Store.

People interested in learning more about The Journey of Alvin or download it, can visit
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details at info(at)meikme(dot)com

About meikme:
Raul Barroso, Javier González, and Daniel Hernández, from marketing and digital communication on one side, and Raúl García del Pomar and Ismael González from atipo® creative studio, are the base of meikme®, a project that invents applications for children based in stories that have influenced and excited us as adults. We think that they can entertain and stimulate the imagination of the younger ones and in turn help parents share moments and experiences with them.

In meikme®, we seek references in the adult world (cinema, music, literature, dance, etc.) that we would like to transfer to the language of children but far from the usual ways. In addition to sharing our passions: laughing, telling stories, creating characters, and laughing again and always inspired by some of our favorite heroes: Saul Bass, Maurice Sendak or Pixar. We want to make the world of the little ones big, and we enjoy adapting the grown-up world for the little ones.


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