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London Private Detectives Share News on the Latest in Surveillance Technology

London Private Detectives Share News on the Latest in Surveillance Technology

London Private Detectives Share News on the Latest in Surveillance Technology

(PRWEB UK) 16 November 2014

According to the article released by Sky News, dated 26 September 2014:Hollywood Wins Approval For Drone Use On Set, a total of six permits were given out to six movie and television production companies for the use of drones in filming by the US government. The Federal Aviation Administration’s decision represent an important milestone and a step towards greater freedom of use drones by commercial operators, which will hopefully generate billions of dollars worth in economic activity. So far, the drones are only allowed to film scenes on closed sets. There are certain restrictions: the aircraft must weigh less than 55 pounds, as well as used within a line of sight of the pilot, who has to own a private pilot’s license. Also, maximum altitude of the drone has to be under 400 feet.

Up until now, the commercial use of drones has been strictly prohibited, with the exception of a single oil company located in Alaska. The six companies that have received FAA permits for the use of drones are Astraeus Aerial, Aerial MOB LLC, HeliVideo Productions LLC, Pictorvision Inc, RC Pro Productions Consulting LLC dba, Vortex Aerial, and Snaproll Media, LLC. Flying-Cam Inc applied as well, but it has been asked by the FAA to supply additional information.

London Private Detectives ( would like to inform potential clients that they offer a wide range of private investigator services, which also include various methods of surveillance. While the use of drones is prohibited and questionable, there are legal and equally effective methods which can be employed to obtain the right information. London Private Detectives investigators are among the most experienced and skillful in the business, especially when it comes to performing surveillance of any kind. Their experts will capture everything on still images and video, which will serve as solid proof for their clients. Surveillance footage can be extremely useful when it comes to matrimonial investigations, asset tracing, fraud investigation, or employee monitoring. Whatever the reason, London Private Detectives can help. They will approach a case with absolute discretion and highest level of professionalism. to find out about the service s they provide give them a call.

In light of the information shared in the article above, chief investigator at London Private Detectives, Christine Alexander, took the opportunity to share a few things with potential clients: “While we value privacy here at London Private Detectives, sometimes there are bigger things at stake, like someone’s well-being, or even life. If that is the case, then some of the more radical steps need to be takes, and that’s where we come in with. Our surveillance experts will solve yourself case in no time. You just need to call us.” Chief investigator Christine Alexander can be reached on 020 7125 0053.

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