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Producer Cornelia Gail responds to TMZ story on her new Baby Mamas Reality T.V. Shows

Producer Cornelia Gail responds to TMZ story on her new Baby Mamas Reality T.V. Shows

Producer Cornelia Gail responds to TMZ story on her new Baby Mamas Reality T.V. Shows

Yung Joc & Twins

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) November 06, 2014

Love and Hip Hop" star Yung Joc says he'll do everything within his power to stop his baby mama from airing their dirty laundry on reality TV ... starting with banning his kids from stepping in front of the camera. He also went on Cornelia Gail’s @babymamasla instagram, ranting about how he doesn’t want his kids on that dumb a.. show but continues to create baby mamas, leaving them to raise their children alone. Hours later TMZ posted an update statingâ€" Hasina has not signed anything and that the footage was supposed to highlight Hasina’s friend.

Cornelia Gail states on May 2nd, Hasina White, the Baby Mama of Yung Joc twins wrote, “Are they still casting for the reality show… I would love to be a part of the movement… have a lot to offer contact me @……. my name is Sina… I have twins by a local rapper.” Later that day she wrote, “My twins father is Rapper Yung Joc, he’s on Love and Hip Hop this season.” Hasina was added to the production and Cornelia Gail flew out to Atlanta Georgia, from Los Angeles California, to begin production for the show trailer, which was posted on TMZ. Cornelia Gail is a published author of four books and was helping Hasina to write her own story on the show. Rumor has it, Yung Joc is trying to get Hasina on Love and Hip Hop, to avoid her from continuing the baby mama show but Producer Cornelia Gail stated her show will still move forward, this is an issue that has to be addressed. Read more: e-and-hip-hop-kids-tv-show/#ixzz3I32lOYyb

This Show highlights the key struggles and issues of women raising kids with absentee fathers. The cast all have diverse backgrounds, unique experiences and current lifestyles that are all varied. The show follows Yalanda Hammond, also known as MC Peaches on the show. She is the mother of two disabled kids, one with Cerebral Palsy, the other Down Syndrome. She is a well known Atlanta Comedian. The show follows Author Tracey Mclean from Virginia, known as Adyme on the show. She has a total of 18 children, ten biological, eight from her husbands previous. She is the author of several books and manages her children’s music careers. The show follows Carousel Reed, she resides in Denver Colorado and is the mother of a two year old son. She is currently in school, working to overcome her past life of prostitution. The show follows Amillie’on Hunter, known as Chyna on the show. She is from L.A. County, she grew up in the Foster Care System, where s he was molested. The Show follows Hasina White, the mother of Yung Joc, from Love and Hip Hop twins, Eden & Alon. She is originally from Compton California and now resides in Atlanta Georgia. Along with our newest cast member Carlene Hill, the mother of Shawn Jay from Ludacris previous DTP, Field Mob. She dances at an Atlanta strip club to provide for her son and daughter. She is currently working on her G.E.D. so she can attend college and try something different. The show will also follow other woman throughout these areas.


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