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PSG Clarity Goes 3-D Thanks to CG Folks

PSG Clarity Goes 3-D Thanks to CG Folks

PSG Clarity Goes 3-D Thanks to CG Folks

PSG Clarity Logo 3D

Fulton, MD (PRWEB) December 09, 2014

Today’s consumers are going online and PSG wants to make a lasting impression without a lot of gimmicky flash pages.

PSG Clarity, a division of Planning Solutions Group (PSG) has recently discovered a new way to create a dimensional experience when visitors are first introduced to PSG Clarity. Mr. Kuhn used the classic company logo and contacted CG Folks in September, a specialty group that offers very impressive modeling and simulation work.

“Since the logo is now in 3D on Video, it is very useful during live presentations and seminars,” said Mr. Kuhn. “It is a terrific attention getter when used as a moving backdrop at job fairs and events requiring a booth or table.”

CG Folks creates animated virtual figures as well as graphics, which are useful for creating video messages for company blogs, lectures by public speakers and to introduce new products. To see how the PSG Clarity Logo appears in the 3D video, click here.                

“This may be another way to introduce complicated financial concepts in an interesting way that will keep people awake and eager to find out what comes next. It’s all a matter of being as imaginative as possible. I’ve toyed with the idea of animating benefits and make them trot across the screen. But, that needs more thought,” Mr. Kuhn said with a slight smile.

CG Folks website offers demonstrations showing how various special effects are created. One of their specialties is reducing 3D modeling in video games to the lowest possible poly count without losing clarity of characterization. This same method is also used for interactive simulators and advertising technologies.

“The way in which material is presented to our internet savvy society,” said Mr. Kuhn when asked what motivated him to investigate this animation concept, “has to be able to impress them and digital. It’s easier to watch a 3-minute video than to sit down with a text book.”

CG Folks offers a wide variety of options and price structures for their various production possibilities. The 3D visualization capabilities can turn a piece of architecture into a 3D model that allows the viewer to actually enter the building or rooms, which are also filled with 3D furniture. Science museums and medical schools use this programing to enable students to understand systems before working on live specimens.

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