Monday, December 15, 2014

QuickFlics Adds GrooveBook Alums as New Co-Vice Presidents of Marketing

QuickFlics Adds GrooveBook Alums as New Co-Vice Presidents of Marketing

QuickFlics Adds GrooveBook Alums as New Co-Vice Presidents of Marketing

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 10, 2014

Tech company QuickFlics announced today that Angie McGinniss and Julie Cimity of GrooveBook have joined the company to further develop and expand the quickly-growing QuickFlics user-base. GrooveBook was recently acquired by Shutterfly for $ 14.5 million. McGinniss and Cimity have been instrumental in building the market for the ABC Shark Tank-featured GrooveBook. They aim to do the same for QuickFlics as the new Co-Vice Presidents of Marketing.

“Moms from all over have expressed the need and want for a service such as QuickFlics. As a mom I have tons of photos and videos just sitting on my phone taking up memory. I have the same feeling about QuickFlics that I had about GrooveBook when I first heard of the QuickFlics app. QuickFlics is going to be a huge success and I am thrilled to bring my knowledge to the team and be a part of the growing success,” says McGinniss.

Cimity adds: “I couldn't be more excited to join the QuickFlics team. After working with GrooveBook and seeing how quickly we were able to make it grow, I have full confidence that QuickFlics will be just as monumental. QuickFlics and GrooveBook both offer the same solution - preserving special memories that otherwise go forgotten.”

Caleb Applegate, Founder and CEO of QuickFlics said, “Both Angie’s and Julie’s wealth of experience with GrooveBook and all its recent success has made this transition smooth. Because they know our similar core market, their integration has been seamless, and the momentum they bring is quantifiable. QuickFlics is excited to announce this along with our plans to introduce flash drives later in December and continue to hit the data storage market with our unique service offering and value proposition. In essence, we aim to be the modern Pony Express of physical media, delivering your smartphone memories to your door.”

Applegate further said, “Our executive team is now well-positioned to market our current products while looking forward to releasing our cloud-based storage service with strong user-interface and sharing capabilities in the near future.”

About QuickFlics
QuickFlics is a new smartphone application that gives you the most affordable way to get your videos, and soon photos, quickly and easily off your phone or tablet and to your door.

With QuickFlics, organizing, archiving, and sharing your life on the screen is easy because they do it for you. Just download the free app and start your QuickFlics account. Then upload whatever videos you want, order Flash Drive or DVD, and you’re done. QuickFlics does the rest and gets your memories to your door â€" fast.

Learn more about QuickFlics at The free app is available from the Apple app store and on Android at the Google Play store.

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