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San Diego Criminal Lawyer Alex Ozols Makes Movie Trailer Style Promotional

San Diego Criminal Lawyer Alex Ozols Makes Movie Trailer Style Promotional

San Diego Criminal Lawyer Alex Ozols Makes Movie Trailer Style Promotional

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) December 09, 2014

San Diego Criminal Defense Attorney Alex Ozols, owner of Ozols Law Firm, wanted to do something that had never been done before. He wanted to do something big and something that would get people talking. It was just a simple idea for the longest time until he decided to start pitching it to individuals in the Southern California area and see how they would respond. The idea was to create a movie trailer style promotional video that was able to showcase the life of a case from beginning to end.

The common response from California directors was “that’s impossible” or “that is going to cost a fortune”. It was just a hurdle but the idea never died. Eventually Mr. Ozols found Ben Redmond, a young director from Los Angeles who immediately said “I can do it”. From then on the plan was in motion.

Months of planning went by with ideas going back and forth. Multiple locations needed to be locked in place, a helicopter, actors, extras, a cinematographer, lighting teams and a lot of others who could make this creation come to life. Thomas Jefferson School of Law allowed Ozols Law Firm to use their moot courtroom for filming the courtroom and boardroom scenes. Throughout the process Attorney Journal Magazine had a photographer at every scene in order to lock down the best shot for their upcoming January 2015 Magazine where Alex Ozols has been named the “Niche Practitioner Feature” in that month’s issue.

After seeing all of the work and planning that was put into this project I asked Alex Ozols, was it all worth it? He told me “the legal market is changing, people need to think outside the box when marketing themselves these days, they need to be creative and do something that people will remember”. Overall the video is masterfully cut and edited, the cinematic value is that of a Hollywood blockbuster and the overall production value is something this team should be proud of.

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