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Tech Company Blackloud Introduces Innovative Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Tech Company Blackloud Introduces Innovative Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Tech Company Blackloud Introduces Innovative Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Blacklouds Black Soundot bluetooth ear bud

Irvine, CA (PRWEB) December 06, 2014

Blackclouds goal is to provide functionality, style, and convenience to the electronic consumer market. These electronics are high quality, premium, multi-faceted, and multi-functional to provide the best experience for their owners.

Introducing the Soundot wireless bluetooth earbuds, which have revolutionized the way music, sound, and phone calls are integrated into everyday life.

Wirelessly connected: State-of-the-art, lightweight, bluetooth earbuds that erase the need for cords. Perfect for exercising. There are no unnecessary cords; the earbuds stream wirelessly from your bluetooth capable device. The Soundot features a crisp, clear sound with deep bass to go with its original sleek design.

Convenience: The Soundot headphones magnetically clasp together when they are not in use in order to provide maximum convenience. These headphones are charged using a micro USB port, so they can be charged virtually anywhere. The Soundot earbuds allows you to make calls through your voice activated call system, receive calls, turn the volume up and down, and skip tracks, all without ever having to touch your phone.

Add to your Active Lifestyle: The Soundot features a sweat-proof structure, so these earbuds are a revolutionary way to exercise or simply walk through your city or town with your smartphone safely tucked away in your bag or pocket while still conveniently listening to music and answering calls. They are perfectly designed to stay in place and give you the ultimate in music experience. The battery life of the Soundot lasts for up to 6 hours of run time, with a max charge time of 2 hours.

Surpasses the Competition: The Soundot improves areas that other earbuds have failed in. They offer noise cancellation technology, a quick pairing process with devices, and three different earbud cushions in different sizes in order to securely fit in your ears. They also come with earbud stabilizers that help the earbuds stay in place during strenuous activity. Soundots latest technology has eliminated delay while watching videos, so you can sit down and watch a movie or show in excitement rather than frustration. The Soundot offers an operating range of up to 60 feet between the earbuds and your bluetooth device, while other leading brands only offer 20 feet. In addition, Blackloud has announced that Cocoweb Inc will be the only authorized dealer offering a year warranty on this product along with truly hassle-free returns and free shipping.

About Cocoweb: Cocoweb is an Ecommerce company that is broadening its range in products. We started out as a lighting company, and have now moved into the realm of electronics and sports. We are moving in the direction of an Ecommerce Marketplace and will continue to grow. Our roots lie in interior design and high quality lighting, so no matter where we branch out, we will always carry the utmost interest in high quality and well-designed products. Our products can be found at,, and other major marketplace websites. Visit us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to learn more about Cocoweb.

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