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The Comedy Monster ?Donzilla? Don Tjernagel Releases New DVD/VOD

The Comedy Monster ?Donzilla? Don Tjernagel Releases New DVD/VOD

The Comedy Monster “Donzilla” Don Tjernagel Releases New DVD/VOD

The Comedy Monster "Donzilla" Don Tjernagel

Waterloo, Iowa (PRWEB) December 11, 2014

The Comedy Monster Don “Donzilla” Tjernagel is proud to announce that he has released a new DVD/VOD, which includes an extensive catalog of his naughty stand-up comedy. From observations on world economics to joking about being a large child during elementary school, Donzilla delivers a fearless style of comedy, while also sustaining the humility and perspicacity in order to provide an enjoyable experience for the intellectual comedy fan. The DVD will feature several un-censored, un-edited one hour specials. The DVD includes no fake laughs, since the stand-up routines were recorded live on the scene.

The DVD/VOD is available on Don’s website,

As the master of dirty comedy, Don is able to approach the raunchiest topics, using his sharp mind to provide the unusual blend of obscenity and intellectualism to give even the most cerebral fans a healthy laugh.

“One of the highlights of Comedy Monster is Tjernagel's diatribe against politically correct language that masks reality. Also of note in a solid performance [is Tjernagel’s] bit about who really steals girls' bikes, and a communist hooker with a Khrushchev reference,” claims a reviewer, after observing one of The Comedy Monster’s performances.

With a peek inside of his work, one can understand how there is virtual no topic which Donzilla will not cover, and no joke to be considered too raunchy. If the audience wishes to cringe and laugh at the same time, then Donzilla will provide for a well-rounded night of entertainment.

About Don “Donzilla” Tjernagel

Don Tjernagel, known as “The Comedy Monster” and “Donzilla,” has performed stand-up comedy since 1997, after he sustained a serious injury while playing college football at the University of Northern Iowa. With his sharp and quick-witted mind, Donzilla is able to deliver a hilarious stand-up routine full of raunchy intellectualism, which many may find both intriguing and offensive.

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