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5 Winter Tips for Family Fitness Released by Western Washington Medical Group

5 Winter Tips for Family Fitness Released by Western Washington Medical Group

5 Winter Tips for Family Fitness Released by Western Washington Medical Group

Snow sports are great family fitness activities

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) March 04, 2014

Particularly in the Northwest, winter tends to be the season where people hunker down, stay indoors, and hibernate through the post-holiday months of chilly weather. However, after the holidays have added that extra padding, fitness should a priority for the health of adults and children alike. Western Washington Medical Group recently published a fascinating article recommending several fun fitness ideas and helpful tips for families who want to shed those few extra pounds.

If you’re a fan of staying indoors, the article suggests exercise videos to introduce fitness. The article says, “Not only will your house be full of giggles as you watch the kids try to follow along, you will get the added benefit of working out all of that boundless childhood energy!”

On a day without rain, family hikes are a fantastic activity that will get the kids outside. Families can hit the trails with water bottles, walking shoes, and a sense of adventure. Burning an average of 100 calories per mile, adults and children can spend time together surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Purchasing an affordable family pass to a nearby gym or local community center will open up an array of fun sports-related activities for adults and kids. The article lists several fantastic snow sports options. Take a trip up to the mountain and go cross country skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, or sledding. Sports-related exercises use muscles that aren’t generally worked by simpler fitness activities, such as walking or running. This tones muscles, improves balance, and results in a more comprehensive fitness quality.

While video games generally contribute to weight-gain, WII Sports has begun reversing that trend. According to the article, “Taking advantage of our tech-savvy kids, enticing them to exercise by playing active video games will not only provide a healthy dose of exercise, it will also be valuable family time as you play against and with each other in bowling, fencing, golf, and a myriad of other options.”

Western Washington Medical Group is committed to improving the health of their patients, and consistent fitness is a major contributing aspect of a healthy lifestyle. For more information about Western Washington Medical Group, visit their website.

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