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Apple?s rumoured charger change could mean it?s time to sell your iPod

Apple?s rumoured charger change could mean it?s time to sell your iPod

Apple’s rumoured charger change could mean it’s time to sell your iPod

(PRWEB UK) 16 August 2012

Technology recycling firm Gadget Panda is encouraging people to sell iPod and iPhone models â€" as rumours abound that Apple is set to completely redesign the device’s chargers.

The new iPhone 5 is expected in October, with rumours of a new iPod due out around the same time. As with all Apple launches, conjecture and speculation about new features of these products are already rife.

It is widely reported* that Apple intends to update the charger used for the past few years on the iPhone and iPod. The wide, 30-pin connector port previously used will be swapped for a smaller, neater 9-pin port.

The move is expected to be a huge boon for accessory makers: as speakers, cases, charging units and other accessories will have to be updated to accommodate the dimensions of the new charger.

Some retailers in China are already offering the new accessories.
For existing Apple customers, new accessories for their old phones and gadgets, featuring the 30-pin connector, will be scarce.

Analysts claim the move is down to better technology: miniUSB-style chargers offer as much power in a far smaller amount of space than the old 30-pin connectors.

But the update is also bound to be a money-spinner for Apple and accessory makers.

As Apple users tend to be loyal to the brand, and keen enough to queue for days to get their hands on new gadgets, most will be looking to upgrade once the iPhone 5 is launched.

And Gadget Panda says upgraders should sell iPod and iPhone models to them â€" for cash â€" to help with the cost of a replacement.

Leonard Stumke, from Gadget Panda, explained: “We all like having the latest technology and, as Apple has continually improved the iPhone year-on-year, fans have had to keep up and be sure to have the latest handset.

“A lot of fans want the new gadgets on the day they come out: and that can cost quite a bit of money. Obviously, getting an iPhone 5 means you probably won’t want your old model.

“If you want to upgrade pain-free, we suggest you sell your iPod to Gadget Panda. We pay cash within 48 hours for accepted models, and you can use that towards paying for your new iPhone 5 when it finally comes out this autumn.”

Gadget Panda allows customers to sell their old, unwanted gadgets for cash. Gadget Panda will accept as-described iPods, iPhones, iPads, Sony PSPs, and Nintendo DS models, as well as certain mobile phones. Bought items are fully refurbished, cleaned, tested and cleared of all data before being reintroduced to the market.

With millions of old gadgets sitting around unused in drawers, or being binned, this service helps prevent waste and encourage good electronic recycling practices.

To find out more about the latest gadgets, and how to sell your iPod, iPhone or iPad for cash with Gadget Panda, visit


Notes to editors:

For more information, please contact: Leonard Stumke, at Gadget Panda.
Email: lstumke(at)gadgetpanda(dot)co(dot)uk

About Gadget Panda

Gadget Panda lets customers sell iPhones, iPods and iPads for cash. It recycles the gadgets, reintroducing them to the market, so they don’t go to landfill. Customers can receive a cash payment within just two days of submitting their items. As well as iPods, iPhones and iPads, Gadget Panda accepts mobile phones, Sony PSP models and the Nintendo DS. For more information, visit

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