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ARQ Treasure Quest Brings You a Unique Underwater RTS Game

ARQ Treasure Quest Brings You a Unique Underwater RTS Game

ARQ Treasure Quest Brings You a Unique Underwater RTS Game

Lisbon, Portugal (PRWEB) June 22, 2012

Arqueonautas Worldwide - Arqueologia Subaquática SA (AWW), a leading marine archaeology company, and Biodroid Entertainment, a media entertainment company, both based in Portugal, have reached an agreement to jointly develop a videogame of shipwreck underwater expeditions strongly inspired by the actual work of the former in underwater heritage sites all around the globe. Biodroid will become equity holder in this venture.

Titled “ARQ Treasure Quest,” the game concept was developed by the Arqueonautas team and will encompass strategy elements as well as simulation realistic facets from operations into its gameplay. The primary goal for the player is to successfully manage a marine archaeological expedition with an expert team of historians, archaeologists, divers, surveyors, conservators, researchers, investors, government officials and many other specialists in search for sunken treasures. An important part of the gameplay is to follow actual legal procedures and good governances to achieve satisfying results moving through the different levels.

The game is currently searching for crowd funding on IndieGoGo and a first demo will be presented in August, during GDC Europe.

Nikolaus Graf Sandizell, founder of Arqueonautas, commented, “ARQ Treasure Quest is an important step in our strategy of brand diversification initiated with the Arqueonautas Fashion Line. To replicate in a game format the Arqueonautas experience will further promote our values among a totally new market and help us spread our message as an active organization working on behalf of the Protection of World Maritime Heritage, in a way that can also be fun, exciting and adventurous.”

On the occasion Diogo Horta e Costa, founding partner of Biodroid, said that “this venture with Arqueonautas will open our production to a whole new genre of gaming, one with historical and technical factual data and a worthwhile adventures mission. At the same time that we’ll bring awareness for maritime heritage, we’ll bring players to experience first-hand the fun and excitement of shipwreck diving in exotic locations with a true historical back-drop.”

About Arqueonautas Worldwide

Arqueonautas Worldwide â€" Arqueologia Subaquática, SA (AWW) was founded in August 1995 as a private limited company in Madeira, Portugal. Since then, AWW has developed into a leading, commercially oriented marine archaeological institution, listed at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (QOW / PTAQW9AE0006), which recovers, under strict scientific criteria cargo and artifacts from endangered and historically significant shipwrecks. An up-listing from the Open Market to the Entry Standard was approved at the annual Assembly General Meeting, on the 13th April 2012 and will take place in the fourth quarter of 2012. From its headquarters in Portugal and under the leadership of its founder, Nikolaus Graf Sandizell, an experienced team of historians, marine archaeologists, research divers and conservation experts, works around the globe on a variety of search and recovery projects. The share capital of the company, which is conducted as a Portuguese corporation (S.A.), is currently di vided into 8,200,030 shares (book-entry shares). The activity is financed entirely by private investors and the proceeds of the Arqueonautas Fashion Line (a trademark of the OTTO Group), without government subsidies.

The Company's mission is to save world maritime heritage as well as to promote scientific studies by carrying out marine archaeological projects whilst ensuring a fair return on investment to shareholders. To date, Arqueonautas has found more than 150 historical shipwrecks in Africa, Asia and South America. From the 15 wrecks excavated so far, 100,000 coins and 10,000 culturally significant artifacts have been recovered and documented in scientific publications. Currently AWW is preparing a recovery project in Indonesia of the largest shipwreck porcelain cargo ever found, the ‘Wanli Cargo’. Recovery operations are expected to begin in 2013. In the past twelve years, Arqueonautas has already located 40 historic shipwreck sites and carried out four successful recovery operations in the territorial waters of Mozambique. Survey operations
for nine other historically documented shipwrecks off the coast of Mozambique are underway.

About Biodroid Entertainment

Biodroid is a game developer based in Lisbon, Portugal, that adds value by creating and producing fresh and innovative products based on global brands and global IP. Biodroid is currently developing games, applications and digital content for both the Consumer Market (B2C) and the Corporate Market (B2B). Biodroid is a multi-platform developer, including XBOX360, Playstation, Nintendo, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Web/PC and Social Media platforms. Titles like Billabong Surf Trip (for iOS and Android) nominee for the IMGA awards in 2010 in best sports games category, Cristiano Ronaldo Freestyle (smartphones and tablets), Miffy’s World (for Nintendo DS, WiiWare and PC), CityOn (for web browsers) and Rural Value (for Facebook), are some examples of Biodroid’s continuous growing portfolio.

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