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BMI Elite Surprises Employees with a Holiday Shopping Spree

BMI Elite Surprises Employees with a Holiday Shopping Spree

BMI Elite Surprises Employees with a Holiday Shopping Spree

BOCA RATON, Fla (PRWEB) December 12, 2014

CEO Brandon Rosen and partner Dan Lansman surprised all of BMI Elite’s employees with a $ 250 dollar shopping spree on Friday, December 12.

BMI employees walked into their office on Friday morning having no idea what to expect. The only rules that were given were to wear a red BMI shirt that was handed out the previous day and attend a mandatory three hour meeting in the lobby at 9:30 a.m. With no hint in sight, the rumors began to fly. Some speculated that that the firm was being sold, the team was going to the beach, the zoo, and even Lion Country Safari, etc.

In their red BMI shirts, over 100 employees promptly arrived to their desk and anxiously waited for the meeting. When 9:30 came around, all team members congregated in the first floor lobby until CEO Brandon Rosen and partner Dan Lansman started their speeches.

Rosen opened the meeting by thanking everybody for their hard work, which is evident in BMI Elites’s rapid five-year growth. Started in 2010, BMI Elite has gone from two to 130 employees, whom are located in three offices in three different cities, with more than 650 clients, mass email marketing campaigns and $ 7.5 million in media advertising buys. Rosen made it known that the gift the employees were about to receive was a byproduct of the company’s most successful year yet.

It was now Dan Lansman’s turn to talk. Creating suspense and drawing anticipation, Lansman first addressed the rumors that were spread in long, drawn out sentences before revealing the surprise. Then he said it, “Here we have $ 250 gift cards for everybody to spend in the Town Center Mall. The buses are outside waiting!”

After the applause and cheers of excitement dwindled, Rosen, with $ 25,000 worth of gift cards in his backpack, stated the fine print rules of the spree, “One, you may only buy gifts for yourself, no holiday shopping. Two, you have to spend all the money because you will have to give the card back to me.”

Then as promised, the employees got into the vans and were driven to their holiday surprise. Many bought dresses for the company’s party in the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale later in the evening while others bought T.V.s., clothes, accessories and even an XboxOne.

Rosen made it clear throughout the day that the surprise was so the employees can be selfish for a change, "It's about giving back, it’s about taking care of those who take care of you, it’s about showing people you care, it’s about saying thank you this time of the year!" stated Rosen.

While BMI Elite prides itself in being a full service marketing agency leader, it recognizes the heart of its success comes from its employees.


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