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Companies Winning the War For Talent Using Employee Referrals, Social Media: Survey

Companies Winning the War For Talent Using Employee Referrals, Social Media: Survey

Companies Winning the War For Talent Using Employee Referrals, Social Media: Survey

Top Recruiting Channels

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) April 22, 2015

There is a talent shortage looming and the companies that are having the most success recruiting are increasingly turning to employee referrals and social recruiting to bring in much-needed talent, according to a global survey of HR professionals conducted by leading talent management solutions provider The McQuaig Institute.

Companies having more success recruiting are twice as likely to be receiving quality candidates through social recruiting as their struggling counterparts and more likely to be engaging their employees as brand ambassadors.

“When we break down the results of the survey, we can see some real differences between the practices being used to acquire talent by those struggling and those finding it easier to fill vacancies,” said Ian Cameron, Managing Director, The McQuaig Institute.

The survey also showed that it’s getting more difficult for companies to find cultural fit and that a majority (57%) of new hires that fail are doing so because of personality/attitude, whereas lack of skills is only responsible for 22% of failures.

You can download the complete survey results at

Other key findings include:

65% say it’s hard to find employees who fit company culture 1/3 find it harder to fill openings than last year Investing in training existing employees is #1 strategy to address talent shortage 76 are using social networks to find candidates

Other key elements of the survey looked at:

What is and isn’t working in the interview process Which channels are most popular and which deliver the highest quality candidates How companies are adapting their recruiting processes to win the war for talent

You can download the complete survey results at

About the 2015 McQuaig Global Talent Recruitment Survey
Between February 3 and March 6, 2015, The McQuaig Institute surveyed 453 HR professionals using an online survey regarding their recruiting activities and the state of the talent market. Respondents were from the United States (32%), Canada (31%), the UK/Europe (16%), the Middle East (13%), with other regions making up 8%. Of those, 25% were from organizations with fewer than 100 employees, 24% from organizations with 100-499 employees, 27% from organizations with 500-4999 employees, and 24% from organizations with 5000+ employees. Respondents were primarily senior-level, with 26% at the VP-level and above and 29% at the Director level.

About The McQuaig Institute
The McQuaig Institute offers a simple, accurate talent assessment system and ongoing support that empowers employers to hire, retain and develop the right people. The McQuaig System delivers reduced turnover and increased productivity through more efficient teams and more engaged employees. Pre-employment testing can be a strong predictor of future performance when matching a candidate to a valid job profile. McQuaig will provide you with a well-defined process that delivers the most value to your company.

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