Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Freebitcoins.com Hits 150,000+ Users in Three Weeks

Freebitcoins.com Hits 150,000+ Users in Three Weeks

Freebitcoins.com Hits 150,000+ Users in Three Weeks

150,000+ in Just 3 Weeks

AUSTIN, Texas (PRWEB) March 20, 2015

The new bitcoin website freebitcoins.com has exploded in popularity with more than 150,000 users since launching three weeks ago.

That’s 152,077 to be exact.

The company is giving away bitcoins to the first million visitors to the site in an effort to introduce the increasingly popular currency to those who want to own bitcoins at no cost whatsoever.

By reaching the 150,000+ user mark, the site is now more than 15 percent closer to its goal, and it has given away more than 70 bitcoins in the process.

The Austin-based company also announced that it has hidden a physical bitcoin at #SXSW and is giving clues to its location on its Twitter page.

The physical bitcoin is worth $ 333 and is available to the first person who discovers it.

“We are blown away by this growth. It’s unprecedented,” said Lukas Gilkey, founder of freebitcoins.com. “I think the freemium business model which has been so successful in the tech industry is exactly the right approach for bitcoin. Just like video games and apps which are given away, we offer anyone the opportunity to get complimentary bitcoins and get started using the currency. There are no barriers or risks to entry, and that’s what will drive mass adoption in my view.”

Freebitcoins.com recently held an open house at the company’s offices in Austin. The company has expressed a strong desire to interact with its users both online and in person and wants to be on the forefront of transparency.    

Freebitcoins.com gives away bitcoins in an effort to grow the bitcoin user base and makes getting started using bitcoin simple.

Those interested simply visit the website and enter their email address to immediately receive bitcoins. There are no strings attached, and nothing to purchase on the website whatsoever.

What’s more is that each user will continue to receive bitcoins every day by simply visiting the site using the unique link they receive via email.

The site gives each user anywhere from fractions of a bitcoin up to an entire bitcoin, currently worth more than $ 260, each day.

All users have to do is visit the website.

The site is developing additional ways for users to get even more daily, and as the website is enhanced, users will have multiple ways of receiving daily bitcoins and sharing the cryptocurrency with their friends, which is the goal.

“Bitcoin can seem complicated for new users,” said Gilkey. “We make it as easy as entering an email address. It doesn’t have to be difficult at all, and we’re proving it.”

So what’s the catch? There is no catch. Just bitcoins at no cost for a million people.

Freebitcoins.com is an Austin, Texas based company owned by experienced bitcoin industry veterans who have felt let down by those in the industry that claim they want bitcoin to succeed but seem more interested in profits.

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