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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) September 20, 2012

New kids game rental service gives parents peace of mind and savings and young gamers access to the latest game titles.

Parents of young gamers know this conversation well: “Mom, Dad, there’s a new Mario game coming out. Can we go buy it?” And then the negotiations begin! “How about you use your allowance to buy it?” “Okay â€" but then next week the new Pokemon game comes out, and next month Kirby has a new game, and then Sonic. I’ll need more money.” Parents know that each trip to a store to buy a new game will cost $ 30 to $ 60 each - and then the next new game comes out!

Enter, a new Kids Game Rental service for young gamers. FunDrop rents all the latest E (Everyone) and E10+ (Everyone 10 plus) rated games for kids who play Nintendo DS,3DS and Wii, Sony PS3 and PSP, and XBOX360. Parents can rest assured that kids are not getting Teen or Mature rated games, and parents of even the youngest gamers can choose to restrict the choice to E-ratings only and let the kids get older before allowing E10+ games to be rented.

Parents save money by renting and know that their kids are safely playing only E and E10+ rated games as rated by the official games rating agency the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board.) For the kids, is all about fun and variety. Kids pick which games they want to rent from hundreds of games, knowing that FunDrop is always in stock on the latest game releases. Subscriptions include 2 games at a time, with no due dates and no late fees. Kids can mail one game back and keep the other one longer so that they will always have a game. Games are mailed in 2-way postage-paid envelopes to and from a user’s mailbox.

Subscriptions are $ 19.99 per month or $ 99.99 for 6-months for 2 games at a time, with an unlimited number of games per month. Adults can sign kids up and pay securely with Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express, and then kids can manage their game list and start getting game cartridges and discs in the mail.

Karen Ratts, co-founder of, had good reason to launch the kids game rental service. “I’m an aunt and my business partner is a father and we deeply love the kids in our lives. Our kids love video games, but we watched them buy new games and then beat them in a week or get bored with them. So we decided to launch so kids can get as many games as they want â€" and keep them as long or as short as they want â€" and parents can save on game spending. It’s very important to us that our kids are safe, so we made the service for E and E10+ rated games only so that young gamers would have a safe place to rent without seeing the Teen or Mature games made for adults. Kids love gaming and parents love savings. We want to offer a great service that saves parents money and gives them peace of mind while the kids have a ton of fun.”

The kids game rental service is available nationally in all 50 United States.

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