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iPhone 5 beyond your budget? Sell your iPhone 4S, says Gadget Panda

iPhone 5 beyond your budget? Sell your iPhone 4S, says Gadget Panda

iPhone 5 beyond your budget? Sell your iPhone 4S, says Gadget Panda

(PRWEB UK) 15 October 2012

Tech fans who purchased the iPhone 4S last year can recycle their old model and upgrade to the new iPhone 5, according to recycling firm Gadget Panda.

Gadget Panda recycles used smartphones and handheld video game consoles, including iPhones, PSPs and DSs, paying customers money in return for recycling their old gadgets.

By selling old iPhone models to Gadget Panda, customers can save towards purchasing the newest version of Apple’s best-selling smartphone.

The iPhone 5, released last month, boasts a raft of improvements over its predecessors. It is lighter and thinner, features a larger screen, and is driven by a new processor that is twice as powerful as the iPhone 4S in terms of speed and graphical capability, according to Apple.

It also boasts a higher screen resolution, improved battery life, and support for 4G LTE wireless networks.

The gadget has already garnered rave reviews from technology writers, ensuring its status as this year’s must-have technological accessory.

As customers flock to the iPhone 5, thousands of outdated iPhones are likely to languish in drawers, all but forgotten by their owners. By selling old iPhones for recycling, users can help the environment and receive some cash towards the purchase of the gripping new gadget, according to Gadget Panda.

“With no price reduction on the horizon, cash-strapped tech fans might struggle to afford the iPhone 5,” said Leonard Stumke, from Gadget Panda.

“If you’ve found yourself in this position, there is an answer â€" sell your iPhone 4S to Gadget Panda and we’ll usually transfer payment into your bank account within 48 hours. It’s a quick and easy way to save towards an iPhone 5, and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment, too.”

Although reviews of the iPhone 5 have been, for the most part, overwhelmingly positive, some users have reported problems. These include a strange purple glow on photographs, and the widely-reported problems of a ‘half-finished’ Maps app.*

Leonard Stumke added: “We recognise that some people have excitedly purchased the iPhone 5 on release, only to realise that it didn’t live up to their expectations. Thankfully, you can sell your iPhone 5 to Gadget Panda too. We pay good prices for undamaged models, and the cash can be used to purchase an entirely new smartphone.”

To find out how to recycle your gadgets and sell iPhone, iPad or iPod models for cash, visit


For more information, please contact: Leonard Stumke, at Gadget Panda.
Email: lstumke(at)gadgetpanda(dot)co(dot)uk

About Gadget Panda

Gadget Panda lets customers sell iPhones, iPods and iPads for cash. It recycles the gadgets, reintroducing them to the market, so they don’t go to landfill. Customers can receive a cash payment within just two days of submitting their items. As well as iPods, iPhones and iPads, Gadget Panda accepts mobile phones, Sony PSP models and the Nintendo DS. For more information, visit

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