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iziSurvey Launches iOS App for Offline Data Gathering

iziSurvey Launches iOS App for Offline Data Gathering

iziSurvey Launches iOS App for Offline Data Gathering

Detroit, MI (PRWEB) April 28, 2015

iPhone and iPad users around the world can now conduct surveying and data gathering in the field with iziSurvey's latest iOS offline app. This iOS application allows users to administer surveys on their mobile devices with or without an Internet connection.

The iziSurvey's iOS offline app provides all of the same capabilities as iziSurvey's Android offline app (launched in January 2015) including all standard question types, the ability to randomize response options, edit surveys, and validate numeric ranges and email. Both the iOS offline app and the Android offline app allow multi-device synchronization so users are not limited to a specific type of tablet or smartphone.

iziSurvey's iOS offline data gathering app is built with innovative features and improves user experience and capabilities. The "Signature" feature is a great way to collect data in the field and include signatures from the responded. Signature collection is valuable for users running a petition as well as helpful for verifying the authenticity of answers/responses. Another way the iziSurvey iOS app makes life easier for users is through a feature called "Preview Survey Before Publish." This feature allows users to look over the information for mistakes prior to publishing, eliminating any risk of having to start from scratch.

One of the most prominent new features of the iziSurvey iOS app is its ability to send graphs and results with others through a shared password. The person who is previewing the survey does not require an account; they simply need the password created by the iziSurvey account administrator. This makes the sharing of data easier and more importantly, faster.

Above all, iziSurvey offers competitive pricing and advanced functionality unlike any other contender within its market. enables customers to work offline and in the field, which is not a common option among competing companies. Those that do offer this functionality are not offered at a reasonable price point like iziSurvey. Users will find that iziSurvey is a much friendlier platform to work with and is available at prices competitors cannot even come close to matching.

“iziSurvey will beat any offer out there that our potential clients may receive,” commented an iziSurvey managing partner. “We are dedicated to providing the best services and products, and we believe that the best can also be the most affordable. Any competing offer should be sent to sales(at)iziSurvey(dot)com and we will respond with a better offer.”

The iziSurvey iOS offline app is available to customers who have purchased an offline license. These licenses are available at Purchasing one offline license gives customers access to both the iOS and Android applications. Once equipped with the offline service plan, customers can then head to their iTunes Store, search for "iziSurvey" and download the iOS app for free.

ABOUT iziSurvey
iziSurvey is a software platform that offers the ability to create custom surveys with innovative features. The platform drastically lowers data collection costs and minimizes human error. iziSurvey is comprised of a team of scientists, academics, software engineers and innovators who all share the goal of making the survey experience better for users by making it simpler, error-free and affordable. The iziSurvey team has over 40 years of industry experience and a strong background in the fields of software development and survey methodology. Whether users are seeking a web-based solution or a real time data collecting tool, iziSurvey is becoming the go-to technology for surveying. The iziSurvey platform has already collected over a million survey responses and that number is growing by the day. iziSurvey has an office located in Metro Detroit, Michigan and part of the engineering team is based in Kosovo where the company was founded. Some of current clients are Clevela nd Cavaliers, Reozom Real Estate Services, Villa College to name a few.

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