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Purchasing Microsoft Products Online Helps Shoppers Save Time and Money with Promo Codes

Purchasing Microsoft Products Online Helps Shoppers Save Time and Money with Promo Codes

Purchasing Microsoft Products Online Helps Shoppers Save Time and Money with Promo Codes

Microsoft Store Promo Code

(PRWEB) May 28, 2014

Purchasing products online helps shoppers save time and money. Many products that are made available through companies’ websites come with minimal delivery charges; some companies even provide free home delivery with purchase. For an even better experience, online shoppers can often get amazing deals with the help of promotional and discount coupon codes like those found at

Microsoft (MS) is one company that sells their hardware and software products on their website, including popular items such as Office 2013, Visual Studio 2013, Xbox, and Windows 8. If considering purchasing products from the company’s online store, shoppers should first check out to see what current deals are available to use. Although not directly affiliated with MS, this discount code service offers valid promotional deals that consumers can use on the MS website.

Use the latest and valid 2014 Microsoft promo codes to get discounts on all MS products.

Microsoft Office 2013:

Online shoppers interested in purchasing Office 2013 at a discounted price should click here to find the current promotional code.

Compared to previous versions, Office 2013 has many new features. It is available in several different editions, such as Office 2013 Professional, Professional Plus, Home & Student 2013, and Home & Business 2013. Each version has its own unique features, which are based on what the edition primarily is going to be used for.

Office 2013 Features Include:

    New Windows 8 OneNote and Lync apps     Documents saved directly to SkyDrive     Cloud-based subscription service     New Quick Analysis features in Excel     Ability to open & edit PDF files in Word     New menu design for Outlook     Improved calendar sharing     Social media integration

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013:

For software developers and programmers, there is some exciting news. Microsoft’s latest version of Visual Studio has many excellent new features and is available in several different editions: Visual Studio Pro 2013, Ultimate 2013, and Premium 2013. Users can select a specific version based on their computer usage and requirements.

When shopping on the MS website for this product, consumers should make sure to check out first for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Promo Code on any of the editions.

Visual Studio 2013 Features Include:

    A code map     Visual debugging     Peek definition     A code lens     A browser link     New UI Icons     Product feedback & notifications

Microsoft Xbox:

MS has its own gaming system called Xbox, which is available in several editions. The Xbox 360 edition features 512MB RAM, a 32-bit audio processor, a wireless controller system, an optional hard drive, network capabilities, front loading USB ports, and media center capabilities.

Use the Xbox promotional code available at to purchase any Xbox edition for an amazing price at Microsoft’s online store.

Microsoft Windows 8:

Microsoft’s latest operating system is Windows 8, which has several new features that were added after the release of Windows 7. Use the discount code found at to get a great price for Windows 8, Windows PC and many other products.

Windows 8 Features Include:

    Speedy boot time and a simpler shutdown process     Innovative & dynamic desktop     Improved search function     Windows Live syncing     Windows Defender     Built-in screenshots     Keyboard shortcuts     Support for both x86 PCs and ARM tablets     Tiles-based User Interface (UI)     Touch-activated web navigation     Two touch keyboards     Better support for multiple monitors

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