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RxEOB Releases White Paper on Health Care Messaging Platforms

RxEOB Releases White Paper on Health Care Messaging Platforms

RxEOB Releases White Paper on Health Care Messaging Platforms

mHealth, the use of mobile software and smartphone technology in the health care industry, is most effective in a form that can easily result in an action being taken by the recipient.

RICHMOND, Va. (PRWEB) April 21, 2015

RxEOB, an industry leader in member engagement applications for pharmacy benefits, has authored the white paper, “Targeted Messaging Emerges as an Essential Service in Post-Reform Health Care.”

Available now at, the RxEOB white paper highlights the necessity for health care professionals to stay ahead of the curve by employing effective messaging strategies to reach patients in the quickest, most effective and most secure way possibleâ€"through their mobile devices. As the company’s research indicates, 21 percent of consumers now prefer their reminders about health care services be sent via text message, and 77 percent find mobile messaging to be a helpful resource in managing their health care benefits.

According to the April report, “mHealth, the use of mobile software and smartphone technology in the health care industry, is growing in popularity and playing a major role in patient engagement by offering individuals access to medical information and tools for improving compliance, all while lowering health care costs.”

Health care messaging is most effective when it identifies a target audience and delivers specific information in a form that successfully serves as a call to action for the recipient. mHealth can span many forms of technology including cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, patient monitoring devices and mobile apps. Targeted messaging via these mobile devices allows health care payers and providers to reach individuals at any time, no matter their location, helping to ensure messages are received by the intended recipient.

“Personalized, relevant and secure messaging to patients is essential for health plans, pharmacy benefit managers and even physicians to cultivate better reputations for delivering satisfying patient experiences,” said Robert S. Oscar, CEO of RxEOB. “The health care industry has access to innovative mobile messaging applications and, as it faces the rapidly increasing patient service demands from the Affordable Care Act mandates, investing today in messaging services and platforms will soon pay off with significant cost of care reductions and lower per-touch administrative costs when compared to print and mail channels.”

Highlights from the white paper include the function of mHealth and how it can be applied to multiple forms of communications, including:

Adherence â€" Patients receive reminders to take medications via text, are prompted to refill prescriptions at network pharmacies and can be alerted to cost savings by switching from brand name medication to generic versions. Disease and condition management â€" Specialized messages are delivered to patients based on their existing medical conditions, enabling better management of these conditions between visits to the doctor. Education â€" Useful and timely educational materials, such as videos and surveys, are distributed to patients to help evaluate their recent care, prolong personal wellness and gauge well-being. Wellness reminders â€" Periodic prompts to remind patients to stay active with exercise, diet and other healthful activities, as well as cues to integrate wireless biometric data into their personal mHealth applications. Monitoring â€" Vital health statistics such as blood pressure, weight and blood sugar are tracked, allowing health care providers and care managers to anticipate and attend to patients’ health issues.

To download the paper in its entirety, visit

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