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SearchSpring Provides with a 27 Percent Increase in Sales, Implementing Faceted Site Search and Faceted Site Navigation

SearchSpring Provides with a 27 Percent Increase in Sales, Implementing Faceted Site Search and Faceted Site Navigation

SearchSpring Provides with a 27 Percent Increase in Sales, Implementing Faceted Site Search and Faceted Site Navigation

Colorado Springs, CO (PRWEB) January 10, 2012

August 2011 SearchSpring’s faceted site search and faceted site navigation software was fully integrated with During the first month after deployment, owners Jesse and Sara Cover witnessed a 27% increase in sales which they attributed directly to SearchSpring, as no other sales promotions or seasonal changes contributed to the rise in sales.

Lukie Games, created in 2005, began operations selling new and used video games through online retailers such as Amazon and eBay. In 2009, after assessing the amount of fees they were paying monthly to Amazon and eBay the organization elected to start their own online store partnering with 3d Cart to provide the shopping cart platform.

As organizational growth expanded operations, Lukie Games witnessed a large amount of traffic driven to the site through direct marketing campaigns, word of mouth referrals, and repeat customer transactions. While site conversions were above the industry average Jesse and Sara felt they could improve conversions through implementing an improved site search and navigation application.

Weighing their options, Lukie Games elected to implement SearchSpring’s faceted site search and faceted navigation products into the website. “Looking at our options and comparing the services offered that would meet our needs to the monthly service charge, SearchSpring offered exactly what we were looking for at an affordable price,” says Sara Cover.

Electing to implement SearchSpring products boosted sales 27% within the first month. As a result of the increased sales Lukie Games witnessed a 434% return on investment from SearchSpring.

In addition to the boost in sales, Lukie Games integration of SearchSpring services led to:

13.2% increase to average order value 5.1% increase in time spent on site 12.6% increase to pages per visit 23.1% increase to year-to-year growth

“It was amazing to see how great an impact site search and site navigation played on our conversions. Throughout the development of our site a major focus was directed to creating awareness and driving traffic to However, as marketing research suggests acquiring new customers is 6 to 7 times more expensive then keeping existing customers. Therefore by focusing on conversions we were able to limit our expenses and still grow,” explained Jesse Cover.

With SearchSpring, shoppers on can now intuitively drill down into large product sets, either on search results or category pages, via important product attributes like game genre, rating, condition, platform, or price range. Because remaining options update after each refinement, the shopper has a clear understanding of their choices, finds the right product faster, and thus converts higher.

The logic driving the importance of site search and site navigation derives from changing customer preferences. Internal research shows 73% of users visiting ecommerce web pages spend an estimated 2 minutes looking for a product or service before they leave. Couple this data with industry results indicating that approximately 80% of shoppers browse to find products and 20% utilize site search. Through the utilization of SearchSpring services ecommerce sites possess the tools to make the most of that 2-minute window and drive conversions. Lukie Games growth resulted in the addition of new product offering of gaming systems like the PS3, Nintendo DS and Wii. In fact Jesse and Sara predict they’ll hit $ 5 million in 2011 sales, up from the $ 3.1 million they recoded in 2010.

In the end Jesse considers SearchSpring and their shopping cart platform 3D Cart extensions of the Lukie Game team. “We chat with a lot of fellow business owners, and we’re constantly recommending the services. You don’t find businesses that care this much about their customers everyday.”

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About Lukie Games sells over 45,000 new and used video games, systems, and accessories a month to a customer base of over 250,000 shoppers. Providing NES, SNES, N64, Gameboy, Playstation and Xbox products.

About Developed by B7 Interactive and a team of veteran E-Commerce software developers, SearchSpring’s E-Commerce site search and faceted navigation solutions empower online retailers to unleash findability. Delivering the latest in search and AJAX technology, SearchSpring enables merchants to provide a rich and engaging online shopping experience. For more information, visit or call 888-643-9043.

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