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Selectsoft Launches New Line Of Pick-Up-And-Play Hidden Object Games For Tablets

Selectsoft Launches New Line Of Pick-Up-And-Play Hidden Object Games For Tablets

Selectsoft Launches New Line Of Pick-Up-And-Play Hidden Object Games For Tablets

Seek and find hidden objects in New York, Paris, Moscow and London

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) February 27, 2012

California-based game developer Selectsoft today announced the launch of their new line of hidden object games for tablets. With hidden object tablet apps reaching the top of the iPad® charts and recent hidden object game releases becoming huge hits for Facebook, it’s clear that the hidden object trend is just getting hotter as players move to mobile and social platforms. So what makes family-friendly games developer Selectsoft think they’ve spotted an opportunity in this crowded scene? “We’re not the first to make hidden object games for mobile,” acknowledges Selectsoft Vice President Edgar Chen. “But we’re taking a different approach.”

To that end, Selectsoft is working on a line of hidden object games that eschews complicated storylines in favor of fast gameplay and rich visuals. “We’ve seen some successful ports of PC hidden object games to mobile devices,” says Chen. “However, these were not designed for mobile like ours are. We feel that the ‘pick-up-and-play’ model is a better fit. This was key when we began working on our hidden object games for mobile.” Unlike other series that feature baroque plots and require a serious time investment from players, Selectsoft’s upcoming hidden object tablet games seek to capture the casual players who want a quick diversion without sacrificing detailed visuals and quality gameplay. It’s an approach that is well-suited to the tablet market, where users appreciate fast games as time fillers between other activities. It’s also a comfortable fit for Selectsoft, with their long track record in PC and mobile casual games, including the iOS hit Cast le Clout.

Selectsoft tested the market for fast-playing hidden object games in January with the tablet app City Mysteries HD. Released for iPad®, Android tablet and the NOOK Color™ by Barnes & Noble, sales have been strong so far, quickly reaching the top 100 Board Games for iPad® after launch. The strong results were something of a surprise to VP Chen, albeit a pleasant one. “Sales exceeded all expectation across all tablet devices,” he says. “But it shows we are definitely on to something.” Now Selectsoft hopes to build on that success with the next game in the series, Gothic Masquerade HD.

Each of the new Selectsoft games has a different concept and look to make it feel distinctive. “We want these games to be visually stimulating and challenging even without a complicated story,” comments Selectsoft game artist Taniel Harvey. “When I put together a scene, I’m making it just as polished and interesting as the ones in a big mystery game.” City Mysteries HD is based around a world travel theme, with a series of locations set in New York, Paris, Moscow and London. Players explore scenes that contain buildings and landmarks which evoke each city. In contrast, Gothic Masquerade HD has a spooky atmosphere, to create a sense of ghostly mystery. Players search for hidden objects in scenes set in four different haunted locations, including a museum, garden and castle. It’s an approach that lets Selectsoft vary the tone and settings of the games to provide a more satisfying experience for players. Also, along with the classic hidden object puzzles with text description of objects, each game contains additional puzzle variations, such as spot-the-difference puzzles, tile scrambles and object silhouette puzzles.

With big name companies like Big Fish Games, Zynga and Disney/Playdom making hidden object games for social platforms and tablets, it won’t be easy for Selectsoft’s new games to stand out. Despite the heavy competition, however, Selectsoft VP Edgar Chen remains confident. “There is no doubt HOG is a crowded category. But the sales response of City Mysteries HD uncovers a fast-growing trend of the ‘casual HOG’ player. I think these players just want to have fun and relax with hidden object puzzles….rather than commit to a full-scale adventure.” Selectsoft plans to release Gothic Masquerade HD for iPad® and Android tablets at the end of the month, and will release the rest of their hidden object tablet apps over the coming year.

See the City Mysteries HD game trailer on YouTube.

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