Tuesday, April 28, 2015

TALKITUP LLC Launches Multi Media Virtual Comment Card Called FEEDBACK MATTERS

TALKITUP LLC Launches Multi Media Virtual Comment Card Called FEEDBACK MATTERS

TALKITUP LLC Launches Multi Media Virtual Comment Card Called FEEDBACK MATTERS

(PRWEB) April 27, 2015

“There is no better promotion than happy customers. Customers like to know that you value them," explains, Ron Harris, VP at TALKITUP. "So ask them what they think and what you can do to make their experience with you amazing. Simply asking customers to take a survey can increase customer loyalty and customer retention. But having actionable intelligence can actually save customers and can help improve their overall customer experience.”

“FEEDBACK MATTERS gets customer’s opinion on the spot via their mobile, in multiple languages and delivers alerts to key personnel within specific departments real time, so that the problem can be fixed immediately, significantly increasing customer retention,” proclaims Harris.

“FEEDBACK MATTERS turns that virtual opinion data into valuable real-time reports and studies. The best business decisions are based on real data, not hunches. Use this data to guide your business and marketing decisions,” adds Harris. “Very many business owners and marketers make big calls based on inaccurate data. Customer feedback is the best way to collect tangible sales, marketing and customer satisfaction data. You can gather real insight into how your customers really feel about the product or service you deliver.”

“FEEDBACK MATTERS also directs only happy customers to your social media so they can express how great they feel about your company, product or service.” states Harris. “And customer advocates are your best marketing campaigns.”

For over 5 years the owners of TALKITUP have been involved in developing SaaS solutions for the SMB marketplace, Fortune 500 companies, political campaigns and local, municipal, county, state and federal government agencies. Customer feedback has become a significant part of our business; we produce multiple solutions that collect and use feedback data as the bases for increasing sales and customer retention, improving safety, visitor surveys, reading public opinion, acquiring consumer knowledge, taking political polls, measuring customer satisfaction and increasing customer loyalty with awards and incentive programs.


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