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Bridges to Recovery Opens Beverly Hills Facility

Bridges to Recovery Opens Beverly Hills Facility

Bridges to Recovery Opens Beverly Hills Facility

Bridges to Recovery

Los Angeles, Ca (PRWEB) December 17, 2013

Bridges to Recovery has now opened a licensed facility in Beverly Hills that provides the highest level of care for individuals who are seeking treatment for various mental health issues. The new licensed facility is replacing a smaller and less luxurious facility in Santa Monica. “At the new facility we can offer very spacious rooms with king size beds and spacious gardens. We noticed a demand for the most luxurious setting we could provide â€" our clients wants to be as comfortable as possible during their treatment process,” says Frederik Schulin, Administrator.

The licensed treatment center is able to render quality care to both men and women of various ages. The facility has much to offer besides professional treatment by a highly trained staff. There is a full gym available on the premises, and an entertainment room is equipped with an up-to-date Wii system and video games. All rooms have comfortable king-size beds, and a peaceful and lovely garden is easily accessible. There is the availability of a wireless network so that laptops can be used as well as portable DVD players.

Bridges to Recovery in Beverly Hills can treat such mental health conditions as mood disorders, depression, different types of anxiety, personality and psychotic disorders, and substance abuse. Other mental health issues can also be addressed, such as gambling addictions, sexual disorders, and insomnia.

Licensed by the state of California to provide mental health treatment as an alternative to traditional hospitalization, Bridges to Recovery is considered unique and on the forefront of mental health treatment. Bridges to Recovery’s programs attract clients from all over the world where residential mental health care has not been introduced.

Therapies cover a wide range of treatment options such as individual psychotherapy, group sessions, somatic experiencing therapy, and relationship dynamics. Clients will be able to recover more effectively and quickly from their mental health issues since treatment takes place in a nurturing and peaceful environment that is conducive to healing.

Highly qualified mental health professionals are on the premises to assist with client needs on an individual or group basis. Clients will receive treatment that is customized to specific requirements. The atmosphere at Bridges to Recovery is inviting and therapeutic, helping to bring about a favorable outcome to whatever psychiatric or emotional problem might be the issue.

Those interested in learning about the treatment provided at Bridges to Recovery are invited to check out the website. There is a great deal of information available, and online visitors can also contact the facility by placing a phone call or posting a question or comment on the website. Mental health issues can be treated in a healthy, nurturing, and tranquil environment that will greatly contribute to the healing process and bring about a favorable outcome.


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