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Glasses Free Gaming Laptops Will Give 3D More Traction, Claims

Glasses Free Gaming Laptops Will Give 3D More Traction, Claims

Glasses Free Gaming Laptops Will Give 3D More Traction, Claims

3D Gaming Laptops

(PRWEB) January 31, 2012

The advent of glasses free gaming laptops will make 3D much more desirable by gamers, claims, a comprehensive site dealing with 3D laptops and systems. The recent announcement by Toshiba at the last CES in Las Vegas, stating their Qosmio F755 3D line of gaming notebooks are now capable of playing some 100+ 3D games currently on the market, is a big step forward for 3D technology and 3D gaming.

This upgrade, which is available from Toshiba's Service Station Utility, is significant because Toshiba worked with NVIDIA to produce the 3D software needed for the new glasses free devices. NVIDIA, as any gamer will tell you, is one of the leading names in computer graphics and have already produced a popular 3D Vision Kit, which is featured in many laptops and desktop PCs.

The new glasses free system by Toshiba and NVIDIA is unique in regards to the way images are projected to give the 3D effect. This system uses the laptop's webcam to track the user's movement in order to project two separate images (one to each eye) using a double parallax display. This new Active Lens technology eliminates the need for glasses.

"Let's face it, one of the major drawbacks for 3D has to be those awkward glasses," states Titus Hoskins, who runs "And once you eliminate them, it opens up a whole new audience and marketplace for these glasses free devices."

Many gamers who wouldn't be caught dead wearing those awkward glasses may just give the new gaming laptops a second look, claims, paving the way for a more wider mainstream acceptance of the new 3D technology. We have already seen some glasses free systems, such as Nintendo 3DS and 3D laptops from ASUS, previously testing this market.

However, as many manufacturers and merchants will attest, despite the huge popularity of 3D feature films such as Avatar, new 3D products for the home entertainment market haven't exactly been best sellers. But most of those products required 3D glasses which could set the buyer back $ 200 or more and gave many users headaches, especially after long periods of use.

The question remains, will these new glasses free gaming laptops attract more mainstream buyers and users? Can it give 3D the boost it needs to truly become a part of our home entertainment experience, the same popularity which 3D feature films now enjoys? And will it make 3D more popular with average consumers, not just gamers? One has to remember, these 3D gaming notebooks can be used for much more than just gaming since they make excellent desktop replacements - with the added feature of 3D viewing.

Another interesting question, will this new Active Lens technology developed by Toshiba and NVIDIA be applied to other gadgets and devices? Could we expect to see many more glasses free systems debuting soon? All this could definitely give 3D gaming laptops and 3D in general, many more eyes in the future.

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