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Hunterdon Business Services, LLC Announces Discounts on Its Mobile-Friendly Website Development Services

Hunterdon Business Services, LLC Announces Discounts on Its Mobile-Friendly Website Development Services

Hunterdon Business Services, LLC Announces Discounts on Its Mobile-Friendly Website Development Services

Lebanon, NJ (PRWEB) May 12, 2015

Google’s latest algorithm update rolled out on April 21, 2015, basically mandating websites be mobile-friendly. Hunterdon Business Services, LLC, a Lebanon, NJ marketing company specializing in the development of responsive desktop websites and standalone, mobile websites, announced discounts for small businesses on its web development services today. These discounts are valid for services contracted now through the end of June, the month commemorating small businesses across the country.

It has been estimated that approximately 60% of today’s internet searches are conducted on mobile devices, and Google’s latest change is an effort to make sure those users have a satisfactory experience. While no business is exempt from the change, small businesses are expected to feel the greatest impact.

“Small businesses may not even be aware of Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm change,” said Hunterdon Business Services’ President Patricia Birchenough, a small business owner herself. “For the small business owner, it is essential that they not only be aware of the change, but that they take steps to transition to a mobile-friendly website now.”

A Small Business Advertising Survey conducted earlier this year by Thrive Analytics revealed that of the small businesses that performed their own marketing efforts, 60% had websites that were not optimized for mobile use; of those that outsourced their marketing efforts, 30% had websites that failed the mobile-friendly test. To test a website, a site owner can access Google’s online tool directly.

“Our company is primed to help small businesses meet Google’s latest requirements for their websites,” stated Ms. Birchenough. “Compliance with Google’s algorithm requirements is critical,” she added.

Hunterdon Business Services offers two options for meeting the mobile-friendly test: responsive desktop websites and standalone, mobile websites.

Responsive websites are designed to “respond” to the device in use, meaning the display and size of the content on the desktop automatically adjusts for easy viewing on the smaller devices. The user, in this instance, sees exactly the same content that appears on the desktop website, but the display of that content is optimized for the mobile device or tablet. Hunterdon Business Services is offering a 10% discount on these services contracted for through the end of June 2015.

A standalone, mobile website differs in that it contains only the pertinent information about a business and its services, and navigation of the site is icon-driven. Mobile visitors to a business’ non-responsive website are automatically directed to a standalone, mobile site. With a standalone, mobile site, a business can leave its current website in place and still pass Google’s mobile-friendly test. Hunterdon Business Services is able to deliver a ten-page standalone, mobile website quickly at a flat rate of $ 765 for sites contracted for prior to the end of June 2015, representing a 10% savings over its regular price.

Examples of responsive and standalone, mobile websites developed by Hunterdon Business Services can be found on its website. In addition to the discounts being offered, the marketing team at Hunterdon Business Services is available by phone to answer any questions a business owner may have in regards to mobile-friendly websites without obligation. For further marketing-related information, visit Hunterdon Business Services' Facebook page.

Hunterdon Business Services, LLC, located at 1117 State Route 31, Lebanon, NJ offers a comprehensive line of marketing services for small- and medium-sized businesses, including logo development and branding, traditional print materials, social media marketing, internet marketing and website development. To learn more about the marketing services offered by Hunterdon Business Services or to ask questions about mobile-friendly websites, call 908-200-7766 or visit the company's website.

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