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Video Game Party Wagon Gamewagon Celebrates 1,000th Birthday

Video Game Party Wagon Gamewagon Celebrates 1,000th Birthday

Video Game Party Wagon Gamewagon Celebrates 1,000th Birthday

Gamewagon Party

London, Greater London, Home Counties (PRWEB UK) 13 December 2013

The demand for the Gamewagon experience over the past 18 months has been so great that Gamewagon is investing in growing it’s fleet to keep up with demand. Gamewagon now has five custom built Mercedes video game party wagons located in strategic locations across London. In 2014 it is moving ahead to build a fleet of over 15 vehicles to service demand across the UK.

John Lilley, CEO said: “A Gamewagon event is a fun, memorable and socially inclusive experience that is always in demand. We have had great feedback from parents and the kids love it or as they say it is EPIC!”

Mr Lilley went on to say: "The interesting and surprising part of the business has been the insight we get from the 2,000 odd kids we see each month about what they like and dislike about video games and consoles. The Kids of today are informed, curious and have strong opinions on what they want from the video game industry. These playground influencers cannot be ignored by the video game industry they will be influential in the battle of the next generation consoles currently being waged."

The video game console manufacturers (Nintendo: WiiU, Microsoft: Xbox ONE and Sony: PS4) are currently battling to win the hearts and minds of the consumer as they consider their options in purchasing the Next Generation of consoles or staying with the current generation.

Mr Lilley says, "These giant multinational companies should not underestimate the power of these 'playground influencers' in gathering their friends thoughts and making a buying decision together. We hear them doing it all the time. Kids are playing games socially (face to face and online) and there is a huge benefit in them using the same console so they can maximise the opportunity to play together. Communication is critical as many are still confused about the current reality about which console does what."

Gamewagon was invited for the second year running to help The Gadget Show film their Christmas Special and look at the pros and cons of the Xbox One and the PS4 to be shown on the 23rd December on Channel 5.

John Lilley says: "We hear from our customers that the Next Gen battle is not a two horse race. There is a huge installed base and love of the Wii console and the WiiU (released in late 2012) now has a growing library of quality family fun games."

It has not been unusual over the past 15 months for Gamewagon to have to overcome some cynicism towards the video game party concept. However, when kids get the opportunity to play together with their friends it creates a wonderful and memorable experience. Nintendo with their Wii console created generations of video gamers and with their focus on family fun a video game party can be enjoyed by all members of a family that cuts across the generations.

Mr Lilley said: “Video gaming is a very popular pastime and making the whole event a social occasion creates a unique experience that is difficult to achieve without a lot of hassle. The Gamewagon solves this problem but it still requires talented staff to make the whole event a success. We take great pride in our customer feedback. Without our satisfied customers the business would be much tougher to build.”

Gamewagon are looking to create further jobs around London (approximately 30 part and full time roles in the next 12 months) to become Game Experience Managers helping to run events, manage parties and support game launches across London and the Home Counties.

Gamewagon, based in Surrey has coverage across Greater London and the Home Counties with Gamewagons based in Woking, Ealing, Orpington, Edmonton and Ilford.

For more information visit or call 0845 319 4263.

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