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Media Supply, Inc Announces New Procurement Center in Hong Kong and Release of 2014 Promotional Products Catalog

Media Supply, Inc Announces New Procurement Center in Hong Kong and Release of 2014 Promotional Products Catalog

Media Supply, Inc Announces New Procurement Center in Hong Kong and Release of 2014 Promotional Products Catalog

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Exton, Pennsylvania (PRWEB) October 29, 2014

Media Supply, Inc., a leading supplier of duplication services, supplies and equipment, announced the release of its 2014 promotional products catalog, as well as its new procurement center in Hong Kong. The diverse catalog is built upon the elite sourcing skills of Media Supply’s international team, which has the ability to supply customers with a wide variety of promotional products.

The new Media Supply catalog features custom printed promotional items, also know as ad specialties, including Bluetooth speakers, portable device chargers, smart phone compatible sports bracelets, headphones and even GoPro camera pole mounts. When customized with a company’s name and logo, these items make ideal holiday gifts for clients and employees.

“We’re excited about our new procurement center in Hong Kong, beyond just the support it gives our international sourcing,” said Frank Quinlisk, Media Supply’s Vice President. “It can also assist our clients with negotiating agreements, export expertise, international forwarding, packaging insight and quality control.”

Almost every American business uses promotional products, making them a $ 20.5 billion industry, and for smart marketers, items like Bluetooth speakers, USB flash drives and device chargers deliver a more efficient cost per impression than just about every other major marketing effort. Additionally, the staying power of a logo-imprinted gift easily exceeds other advertising. A recent study by ASI that examined global advertising specialty impressions in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, London, Sydney, revealed that 38% of respondents owned between 1-5 promotional products, and an amazing 13% owned more that 21 products with some type of logo. Numbers like this clearly demonstrate that applying a custom logo to a leading edge technology product greatly increases the number of eyes exposed to an organization’s brand.

Media Supply’s new promotional catalog is available by visiting Media Supply’s catalog request page, where interested parties can elect to receive a physical or electronic version of the catalog. Media Supply’s promotional products are also available for view on ASI’s website, under ASI number 70302.

About Media Supply:
Media Supply, Inc. offers data products, duplication equipment, consumables, services and fulfillment, designed to meet the requirements of those wishing to distribute products and information in data, audio or video form. The company's key products and services are DVD, CD & Blu-ray Discâ„¢ publishers, USB duplicators, duplication and fulfillment services and premium promotional product supplies. Media Supply is headquartered in Exton, Pennsylvania. For more information, visit http://www.mediasupply.com or call 1.800.944.4237.

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