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Control the universe and bring dominance to the cosmos in Stardale

Control the universe and bring dominance to the cosmos in Stardale

Control the universe and bring dominance to the cosmos in Stardale

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) October 01, 2014

Stardale Studio Corp. has announced an exciting new game with a two dimensional expansive universe including open worlds and open space sandbox. Stardale begins after the first ancient dominant species to control the cosmos have mysteriously disappeared. Continuing in the void left behind, players will create and forge their own destiny in an open single or multiplayer universe. As players research and develop new technology, carve up their worlds and star systems for resources, and battle enemies planetside and in space - they will begin to discover ancient technology and secrets left behind by an old original species that once conquered the stars of Stardale.

Stardale introduces exciting features into the two dimensional procedural creative genre including an open and explorable in-space universe, slotted and modular space ships and components for research or defense, planetary and in space regional control, player created corporations, interstellar trade hubs, automated system trade routes, resource refinement, manufacturing facilities, industrialization, and a thriving player led market economy. Moreover, with roots in the creative building genre Stardale allows players to craft, build, mine, and fight small and large mobs and bosses in a game that combines action, adventure, role playing, and strategy â€" establishing a diverse and expansive multidimensional in-game universe.

Stardale is being developed for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Playstation 4. With a Kickstarter currently underway ending on October 26 the Stardale community is growing. Stardale Studio assures development regardless of the Kickstarter goal being reached and promises a rich in-game experience by release and for early supporters that also includes additional bonuses to recognize their support.

About Stardale Studio Corp:
Stardale Studio is a Canadian upstart based in Toronto, Ontario. With a small team of three currently working on the project, the team taps into past knowledge and experience gained from working on desktop, console, and mobile games - including Thor and Batman games for Nintendo DS, Skullgirls for PC/Xbox 360/PS3, and founding

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