Thursday, April 16, 2015

DarbeeVision Delivers 4K UHD Content Using Visual Presence at CES

DarbeeVision Delivers 4K UHD Content Using Visual Presence at CES

DarbeeVision Delivers 4K UHD Content Using Visual Presence at CES

(PRWEB) January 05, 2015

DarbeeVision Inc, the leading developer of image processing technology and products, will be showing DARBEE Visual Presence-enhanced 4K UHD content on state-of-the art 4K equipment. The presentations will further prove that while pixel count, color depth and screen brightness are wonderful for creating fidelity to the depicted scene, DARBEE Visual Presence enables an even higher level of digital image realism, for creating truly immersive and lifelike images.

Among the showcases of OEM partner products, DarbeeVision will show the brand new computer graphics card from Galaxy Microsystems. The Galaxy GTX 750TI DARBEE Edition, with an HDMI input port for external devices, enables DARBEE Visual Presence processing for external gaming consoles, broadcast TV, IPTV, movies, and PC video game content. This versatile and unique video processing product combines the very best of computer gaming and home theater PC (HTPC), creating a rich visual experience for HDMI-enabled video chains.

Also on display in the DarbeeVision Suite #450 at the Westgate, located adjacent to the LVCC:

New DARBEE On Demand™ cloud-based Visual Presence image processing GoPro Action Camera Footage enhanced with DARBEE Visual Presence Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast streaming video with DARBEE Visual Presence Oculus Rift Head-mounted VR display enhanced with DARBEE Visual Presence PlayStation 4 and XBOX One video game contents enhanced with DARBEE Visual Presence OPPO “DARBEE Edition” Blu-ray Players DarbeeVision Products: DVP-5000 and DVP-5100

For all the latest news and updates from the DarbeeVision team, please contact Aaron Spann, to make an appointment to stop by the DarbeeVision Exhibition Suite #450 at the Westgate (formerly LVH) and enjoy the best immersive visual enhancement technology on the planet.

About DarbeeVision
Formed in 2009 as a privately held company, DarbeeVision, Inc is headquartered in Orange, California. DarbeeVision has developed proprietary technologies that bring a revolutionary level of depth and realism to digital images. By integrating Visual Presence into existing digital image media devices, pictures can be made better than what even the most perfect camera and display can achieve -- much better in fact, by using computation to process an image in the same way the brain does, actually helping the eyes see images the way the brain expects them to look. DarbeeVision's technology is available to OEMs as IP for licensing. For information, call 714-787-1006, email or visit
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