Sunday, April 19, 2015 Updates Xbox 360 & PS3 Modded Controller Offerings to Reflect ?Girl Gamer? Movement Updates Xbox 360 & PS3 Modded Controller Offerings to Reflect ?Girl Gamer? Movement Updates Xbox 360 & PS3 Modded Controller Offerings to Reflect ‘Girl Gamer’ Movement

Introducing Modded Controllers for Girl Gamers

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 29, 2013

In yet another industry first, has undertaken what some have classified as the next logical step in its exceptionally rapid growth cycle. To go part and parcel with its other industry firsts including easy to install, no solder rapid fire mods, one-of-a kind hydro dipped camouflage patterns and the most extensive lineup of ‘chromed-out’ controller mods, styles and options, is proud to introduce a vast selection of products designed specifically with Girl Gamers in mind.

In terms of the overall entertainment landscape, the video game segment is vast and growing at an astronomical rate. Some estimates show the video game sector now accounts for a greater portion of the overall industry’s revenues than that of the music sector and the venerable Hollywood movie industry. These other two industry sectors have long geared their commodities and wares to females and males in such a way that many would describe as an even manner. In terms of the movie industry, this summer’s blockbusters include the Fast & Furious 6 as well as Some Girls. The former is mainly marketed to male movie goes while the latter appeals to those movie watchers of a female persuasion.

In the much maligned music industry, one can attest Selena Gomez’s latest album being marketed with females in mind while Eminem’s music is spun with male listeners and buyers at the forefront of promotions. When one looks at the video game industry, one can draw the conclusion that girl gamers get the short end of the figurative stick. With the release of such industry sales scorchers as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Gears or War Judgment and Grand Theft Auto IV, one can clearly surmise that the female gaming genre is not garnered the attention that their male counterparts are.

Although often analyzed, studied and researched, the fact of the matter remains that the relationship between video games and women remains a convoluted relationship of which the complexities have yet to be unravelled. Setting these complexities aside, there is little doubting the female video gaming genre is disenfranchised. The modded controllers segment may be small when compared to the overall size of the video game market, but by being the largest and most trusted vendor in the segment plays its part in reversing the disenfranchisement, social stereotyping and gender specific product branding by introducing a product line designed by and for women specifically for girl gamers.

Pink Lady Xbox 360 Modded Controller
Long heralded as an industry first, the Pink Lady controller, with its smooth white base accented beautifully with equally smooth pink bumpers, triggers, directional pad and Xbox guide button, has been a mainstay in the Xbox 360 Illuminated Controller category. Among the engineers and developers at, this Pink Lady rapid fire controller has earned the nickname of the Amelia Earhart of women’s controllers: the first and most endearing. This enduring controller has been a mainstay for birthday, anniversary, Christmas and even Mothers’ Day gifts for the discerning girl gamer who demands both functionality and stunning design that informs all challengers, I am women, hear me roar.

Hello Kitty Premium Xbox 360 Modded Controller
Since Americans first gained a glimpse of the now almost universally recognized adorable bobtail cat with the omnipresent red bow above her left eye, Hello Kitty has garnered a cult status almost equivalent to that of Mickey Mouse, Ronald McDonald and the Pillsbury Doughboy. Hello Kitty holds a special place in the hearts of women and girls alike, and as such, is proud to feature its Hello Kitty Premium Xbox 360 Modded Controller. However, don’t let its soft colors and adorable kitty demeanor fool competitors, as this modded controller packs all the power that all IntensaFireStore brand controllers have become famous for.

Candy Pink PS3 Modded Controller
Continual growth of the girl gamer line at is highlighted by the latest offering in the segment, the Candy Pink PS3 Modded Controller. This one-of-a-kind modded controller is offered in a luxurious premium glossy finish that offers unmatched grip with a smooth and sophisticated coating that girl gamers have come to expect. As with all modded controllers at, this controller is fully customizable and girl gamers may choose from a vast array of trigger upgrades, thumbstick styles and colors, LED lighting options and a large collection of custom made protective controller cases.

With the significant expansion of the girl gamer division, the hiring and promotion of female engineers and graphic artists, is doing its part to close the disparity gap that exists between male and female gamers in the video gaming sector and specifically in the modded controller segment. Video game culture and folklore has been littered with references to ‘girl gamers’ in a counterproductive or offensive connotation. reverses this trend by embracing this term and as such is pleased to welcome all genders equally to experience the design, functionality, sophistication and most importantly, the industry leading power of its rapid fire mods.

Gamers are encouraged to not be fooled by the soft lines, comfortable grips and brilliant color combinations of the girl gamer line of controllers, as each and every one of these controllers are built from the ground up using brand new Sony and Microsoft controllers Each unit is rigorously tested by male and female technical engineers prior to shipping and is backed by a 6 month warranty. Plus all controllers can be upgraded to the highly coveted HS Master Mod option.’s recent editions to its modded controller and rapid fire mods lineup is a reflection of the company’s embrace of the girl gamer segment and its continual pursuance of quality Made-in-America products designed and built from concept to finished product by hard working American men and women.

About Us: provides customizable rapid fire, modded controllers for the Xbox and PlayStation 3. stands by their products, and offers a free six month warranty on all of their controllers, which is 90 days longer than the competition. Modded controllers improve gaming effectiveness while allowing gamers to design a custom controller in a variety of colors. controllers and DIY kits have been sold throughout the U.S.

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