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Spanish Flash Card Fun: A New Addictive Language Learning App for Mobile and Tablets

Spanish Flash Card Fun: A New Addictive Language Learning App for Mobile and Tablets

Spanish Flash Card Fun: A New Addictive Language Learning App for Mobile and Tablets

Quickly boost your Spanish vocabulary with Spanish Flash Card Fun

San Mateo, CA (PRWEB) September 26, 2012

Selectsoft, a California-based developer of family-friendly games, has released Spanish Flash Card Fun, a new language learning app for Android and iOS. Users can quickly expand their Spanish vocabulary by browsing through over 400 words accompanied by colorful pictures and spoken English translations. Plus, a fun matching game provides another way to discover new words and reinforce learning. Spanish Flash Card Fun is a great way for beginners, students and travelers to pick up and practice Spanish.

An app for Android phones and tablets, and coming soon for iPad and iPhone, Spanish Flash Card Fun features a clean interface that makes it easy and fast to locate specific entries. Along with a simple search function, users can choose their favorite letter to explore from a large alphabet menu. Even the youngest learners can easily swipe from word to word as they browse through the flash cards. Spoken audio provides the pronunciation for each word, while an audio English translation and picture illustrate the meaning. It's a simple and entertaining way for beginners to pick up vocabulary and a great refresher for more advanced learners. Plus, travelers can use the audio to hear spoken pronunciations and translations of common Spanish words.

In addition to the word entries, Spanish Flash Card Fun also includes a Game Mode that lets users play a quick word matching game. Users match each picture to the right word using what they've learned from the flash card section. Sound effects and friendly popups let users know if they've guessed correctly or need to try again. With no time limit or scores, it's a relaxing and stress-free way to review vocabulary and work on memorization and comprehension skills.

About Spanish Flash Card Fun
Boost your Spanish vocabulary with 400+ A to Z flash cards!
Build vocabulary and learn on the go with Spanish Flash Card Fun! Tap the word to hear it spoken in Spanish, then tap the picture to hear the English translation. Switch to Game mode and practice what you've learned with a fun matching puzzle. It's a fast, easy way to learn new words in any language.

Swipe through over 400 useful words, each accompanied by colorful pictures, or use the fast search function to go to specific entries. The simple controls and easy navigation make it easy for learners of all ages to use.

Hear words spoken aloud in English and Spanish Over 400 words to choose from Includes colorful photos for every word Match the words to the pictures with a fun puzzle game Browse through the alphabet, or use the easy search functionâ€"it makes finding words a snap!

Spanish Flash Card Fun covers:
The City • Classroom • Doctor’s Office • House • Restaurant • Supermarket • Animals • Body Anatomy • Calendar • Clothes • Money • Numbers • Telling Time • Transportation • Weather • Family

Spanish Flash Card Fun is part of Selectsoft’s growing line of fun educational language apps which includes the popular Play & Learn series for iOS, the top-selling Mac series Speak & Learn and the new Travel Talk language apps. The release of Spanish Flash Card Fun demonstrates Selectsoft's continuing commitment to creating entertaining educational apps for all ages. Spanish Flash Card Fun is available now for iOS on the App Store and is coming soon for Android on Google Play.

Selectsoft is a leading developer of family-friendly games and apps, creating best-selling games for Nintendo DS™ and Wii™, iPhone®, iPad®, Android and PC. They're also one of the largest independent publishers of PC software, featuring licensed content from Broderbund, Disney, The Learning Company and many more. For almost 20 years, Selectsoft has been dedicated to providing affordable, fun entertainment for the whole family. Visit to learn more.


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